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A new formulation has been produced by 1st Phorm we review the Royal 21 here. 

About CarbonFire 213 Complex Fat Burning System

The 213 Complex Fat Burning System by CarbonFire is their newest release into the designer weight-loss supplement product line.  Taking the place of their CF24 Pearl and CF24 Onyx products, they promise the newest, latest and greatest ingredients to power the 213 Complex for her and the 213 Complex for him.  They question is why did they need to improve their older products?

CarbonFire 213 Complex Fat Burning System for him and her
CarbonFire 213 Comparison

Carbon Fire 213 Ingredients

Much like they did with their previous formulations, they took the time and energy to make specific products and labeling for the 213 Complex His and 213 Complex Hers formulations…but that doesn’t make much difference.  The gender specificity is over-hyped and not nearly as useful as it may seem.  The bottom-line is that humans all burn fat for the same reasons, regardless of male or female. Fancy names and complexes do not mean much but rather tend to confuse the consumer.  The CarbonFire 213 Complex ingredients are nothing new to the supplement industry.  They hide the in the same complexes and matrixes but when you breakdown the chemistry it is the same as the rest of the industry.  But they did load it up.

While the ingredients are fairly standard for a weight loss supplement, the amount they crammed into this product is incredibly high. They did finally update their formula to include the latest (although our TFA has had them for years) thyroid support ingredients.  Why these were not a mainstay of the CF24 products we never understood.

CarbonFire 213 Complex Side Effects

Like with most supplements that contain a “fat-burning” agents, some possible side effects are possible.  We say possible side effects because everyone will react differently.  CarbonFire upped the stimulants quite a bit from their previous weight-loss supplement.  Several of the previous CF24 Fat Loss System users have reported negative side effects to the increased stimulants.  Most people are reposting shakiness, jitteriness, jitters and increase anxiety.  These are all commonly associated side effects with over-dosed stimulants. With the dramatic increase in the appetite suppressant, they are pushing the edge of suppressing appetite and creating nausea.  Again, like the high dose of stimulants, the large amount of appetite suppressant will not affect everyone, but those who it does affect can expect to experience serious nausea as a side effect.  While nausea is a great way to prevent the want to eat, it is not the ideal way to accomplish the goal of wanting to eat less.

Carbon Fire 213 Complex Review

As we look at this product in its entirety it is a really solid product that pushes the edge for a first time user.  If you have been a user of their CF24 Fat Loss System, this will be a nice step up as your body has begun to adjust to the level of stimulants and appetite suppressant.  However, if you have never taken a complete weight loss supplement, this will be a very aggressive supplement.  THIS IS NOT A STARTER SUPPLEMENT.  Your body builds a tolerance to any substance that affects how it functions.  This is a high-level supplement that in our opinion should not be taken as a first step into the designer weight-loss supplement experience. If you are new to a weight-loss supplements, just researching the products, their effects, how they work and how effective they are, check out our Triple-Fat-Attack which is much better as a starter supplement that also allows you to scale as your body adapts and builds a resistance.  Of course you still need a consistent exercise program and ideally a clinically proven weight-loss eating plan.  The ingredients of fat loss supplements like the Carbon Fire 213 Complex and the Triple-Fat-Attack are designed to support you in accomplishing those things by adding energy, increasing focus and decreasing appetite.

The separation of the 213 Complex for her seems a bit odd.  They did not change much between it and the 213 Complex for him.  Minor tweaks to the supplement formula that do not really provide much benefit to either gender.


Alternative to Carbon Fire 213 Complex

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