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CF24 Onyx Vs Triple-Fat-Attack

About CF 24 Onyx Fat Loss System

The CF24Onyx is designed to help you lose fat.  Marketed by Carbon Fire, 2 of the three bottles are the same between it and its sister product, Pearl.  The third bottle is formulated for males to increase the sex hormones.  The inclusion of these ingredients means that the CF24 Onyx need to be taken on a 5 days on, 2 days off cycle.  Check out the comparison chart below to see if a the CF24 Onyx is right for you.

CarbonFire has updated their formulation and now call the new product 213 Complex.

cf24 onyx


The TRIPLE-FAT-ATTACK is designed to help you lose fat.  Marketed by Generic Supplements, it is based on the design and ingredients of “designer” fat loss products.  The difference is that Generic Supplements chose to stay away from the potentially dangerous practice of manipulating sex hormones.  The manipulation of sex hormones has been known to negatively affect the body’s natural ability to produce sex hormones.  This also means that the product does not need to be cycled so consistently taking the product is both safe and  effective.  Buy the Triple-Fat-Attack here.

Both products recommend being paired with a clinically proven meal plan.

CF24 Onyx Side Effects

Th3 CF24 Onyx fat loss systems does carry the potential of the user experiencing side effects.  Most notably when it boosts male sex hormones like testosterone and human growth hormone, the user can experience quicker frustration, bouts of rage and general irritability.  These side effects generally disappear once the product is no-longer being taken however, it can also be accompanied by a drop in the natural level of these sex hormones for a sustained period.  The Onyx side effects are similar to those of the Commander Go Pack.



As with any supplement the TRIPLE-FAT-ATTACK has a slight risk of side effects.  These side effects are usually minimal and very user sensitivity based.  The most common side effect is a blushing of the cheeks associated with b-vitamins and the vasodilation it is known to produce.  Beyond minor side effects like the previous, the TRIPLE-FAT-ATTACK is safe and effective without having to affect the male sex hormones.

CF24 Onyx Fat Loss Ingredients

The website for CF24 Onyx does include an ingredient list.  However it does not list the amounts or the standardized dosage.  They use a mixture of common names and chemical names that makes it difficult for the average person to decipher what the actual ingredients are, what their effective doses are in each serving.


Generic Supplements uses only common names on their ingredient list so you know exactly what is in each serving.  They also clearly state the amount of ingredient per serving so you can be sure exactly what you are taking.  We never sacrifice on ingredients, read more about how we keep our prices low.

How To Choose The Right Supplement

When you are considering using supplements to help you reach you health and fitness goals it is important that you know what you want the product to achieve.  Supplements alone will not magically give you the results you are looking to achieve.  All supplements must be accompanied by a supporting exercise and nutrition plan.  Your choice of supplements should compliment the areas that you struggle in achieving.

First and foremost, you should choose your supplement that is formulated for your specific goals and secondarily to support you in the specific areas that you struggle.  Also be sure that you are familiar with the potential side-effects of all of the ingredients in the supplement that you choose.  You may find that your supplement comes with side-effects that is not worth the potential gains.  Need to compare the CF 24 Pearl to Our Triple-Fat-Attack?

cf24 onyx



Support Energy – Stop Feeling run-down and tired all the time

Support All Day Metabolism – Burn calories 24 hours a day

Help Reduce Stress – High Stress = High Cortisol = High Fat Storage

Improve Mood – Better Mood = Better Discipline = Better Results

Support Thyroid – Thyroid Controls Metabolism Hormones

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Our facility is FDA inspected and approved and GMP Registed by NSF.

Supplements are pproduced in FDA registered facilty
Supplements are produced in a GMP registered facility