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Commander GO Pack Vs Triple-Fat-Attack

About Commander Go Pack from 1st Phorm

The Commander Go Pack ingredients are designed to work in synergy with each other to provide optimal weight loss for men.  It is designed to pull of body fat from multiple angles.  By attacking the body from multiple angles the Commander Go Pack is sure to help you lose weight quickly.  Commander is the sister product to the Bliss Go Pack and it is highly recommended to use this clinically proven diet system with it for best results.

Commander Go Pack from 1st Phorm


The TRIPLE-FAT-ATTACK is designed to help you lose fat, fast.  The TFA does what the name implies, it attacks fat from three different angles.  It increases you metabolism, it supports your thyroid for better fat burning ability and it helps improve you sleep which in turn should decrease your cortisol levels.  The notable difference is the absence of sex hormone manipulation that Generic Supplements deems as likely dangerous to your own body’s ability to produce and regulate your sex hormones in the future.  In doing so they also do not recommend a “cycling” period.  Order the Triple-Fat-Attack here.


Commander Go Pack Ingredients

The Commander Go Pack website does list all of it ingredients and it is very easy to access.  I hope you have both a good understanding of chemistry and biology to understand the mix of ingredients.  They continually switch between conventional naming, using chemical names and the pure raw source of the ingredient.  Give them credit for at least faking transparency in their ingredients.  This is similar to the CF24 Onyx ingredients list.


Generic Supplements uses only common names on their ingredient list so you know exactly what is in each serving.  They also clearly state the amount of ingredient per serving so you can be sure exactly what you are taking.

Commander Go Side Effects

There are two points of concern when taking the Commander Go Pack.  The first is “testing” period they recommend to test your body’s ability to cope with the amount of stimulant in this product.  The second area of concern and certainly the most important is their manipulation of the male sex hormones.  This artificial rise in testosterone and hgh causes symptoms just like steroid use.  But the real concern is not the immediate effects of this artificial rise but the lasting effects on your endocrine system which may not bounce back to a normal state.


The TRIPLE-FAT-ATTACK has only minor side effects reported with its use.  These are the same side effects as taking b-vitamins.  The stimulant amount is not high enough to require a phasing in period but still high enough to create a rise in metabolism.  The TRIPLE-FAT-ATTACK does not effect sex hormones so those side effects do not exist when taking this supplement.

How To Choose The Right Supplement

When you are considering using supplements to help you reach you health and fitness goals it is important that you know what you want the product to achieve.  Supplements alone will not magically give you the results you are looking to achieve.  All supplements must be accompanied by a supporting exercise and nutrition plan.  Your choice of supplements should compliment the areas that you struggle in achieving.

First and foremost, you should choose your supplement that is formulated for your specific goals and secondarily to support you in the specific areas that you struggle.  Also be sure that you are familiar with the potential side-effects of all of the ingredients in the supplement that you choose.  You may find that your supplement comes with side-effects that is not worth the potential gains.

commander go pack



Support Energy – Stop Feeling run-down and tired all the time

Support All Day Metabolism – Burn calories 24 hours a day

Help Reduce Stress – High Stress = High Cortisol = High Fat Storage

Improve Mood – Better Mood = Better Discipline = Better Results

Support Thyroid – Thyroid Controls Metabolism Hormones

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Our facility is FDA inspected and approved and GMP Registed by NSF.

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Supplements are produced in a GMP registered facility