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About the Royal 21 Weight Loss System

The Royal 21 weight loss system sold by 1st Phorm is the newest update to their ever changing live of designer weight loss products. Apparently taking the place of the 213 Complex, once again they are claiming the latest and greatest with an improved formula.  1st Phorm has separated their male and female products into the Royal 21 King and Royal 21 Queen.  Lets take a deeper look at this supplement stack and review how improved it is and if it is worth the $119 price tag.

Success after using Royal 21 Weight Loss supplement
Royal 21 King

Royal 21 Ingredients

The most striking aspect of the listed ingredients on the label for the Royal 21 is how confusing it is to understand.  It reads like a chemistry paper.  Exactly like their previous weight-loss stacks, they include 3 separate supplements (T-21, C-21, King or Queen).

  • T-21:  Compares directly to our Thy-Plus its listed ingredients are quite sketchy, including chromium, Nootro FusionTMRoyal StackTM.
  • C-21:  Compares directly to our Serene-Clarity its listed ingredients are Vitamin C Reform BlendTMCortiPlexTM and Enzygest FusionTM.
  • King and Queen:  Compare directly to our Ignition.  Ingredients of Royal 21 Queen are Niacin, B6, B12, Cognenergy Complex: TM, Metabolift MatrixTM,Bliss FusionTM. Ingredients of Royal 21 King are Cue BlendTM and FAC-T BlendTM.

These are some very fancy names for some unremarkably original supplement combinations.  The reality is that these ingredients are not much different than 213 Complex formulations or our Triple-Fat-Attack but at twice the cost.

In previous reviews of 1st Phorm weight loss stacks we knocked them for not clearly identifying what their ingredients are by hiding behind the matrices and fancy blend names.  They do go into listing the ingredients but we still are left in the dark on how much of each specific ingredient is used.

Royal 21 Side Effects

The most pressing side effects of the Royal 21 Queen and Royal 21 King are pretty straightforward and standard when compared with other weight-loss stacks, fat-burners and appetite suppressants.

Common side effects include:

  • Jitters
  • Nausea
  • Flushing of the skin
  • Irritation
  • Uneasy or unsettling feeling

Royal 21 Review

This is more about marketing than it is about creating a superior product.  The “improvements” they made on this product versus any of their previous 3 weight-loss supplement stacks is marginal at best.  The reality is that they have maintain the same basic concept and even most of the ingredients.  They may have found a couple new ways to source their ingredients but that doesn’t change the chemistry of the final compound.

Does the Royal 21 work?

Yes it absolutely will do what they claim.  As will their older products as will our Triple-Fat-Attack.  The only question is do you want to spend $119.99 or do you want to spend $54.95?


Royal 21 Queen




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