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Royal Sport Weight Loss Kit Review

The Royal Sport Weight Loss Kit in sold exclusively through GNC and contains two of their products, Burn and Target.

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Royal Sport LTD Burn

First, lets take a look at their thermogenic formulation, Royal Sport LTD Burn.  MSRP on their Burn formula is $99.99 and includes three formulas:  energy metabolism matrix, shed matrix and mood matrix.

Energy Metabolism Matrix

This matrix says has 359 mg in the matrix (how much of what we don’t get to know) and primarily consists of caffeine and b-vitamins.  Both of which are proven to enhance perceived energy.

Shed Matrix

The shed matrix consists of 250 mg of cranberry fruit extract (we assume trying to keytones,) dandelion and holy basil.  This combination is designed as a natural diuretic and with a small cleansing component.

Mood Matrix

The mood matrix is 100 mg of cocoa seed and what they stay they standardize to 5-HTP.  Both of these substances do help enhance your perspective and mood.

Royal Sport LTD Target

The second part of Royal LTD Weight Loss Kit is their Target formula.  MSRP on their Target formula is $59.99 and is designed to reduce your appetite and help target stubborn fat areas.

No Matrix Needed

This is just 5 ingredients and actual amounts listed.  By using the very popular garcinia cambogia appetite suppressant, green coffee bean, raspberry ketones and a different source of 5-HTP this bottle will aid in your weight loss goals.  Suppress the appetite, active fat cells and layering on more 5-HTP is a solid aid in your weight loss journey.


Summary of Royal Sport LTD Weight Loss Kit

Pricing of Royal Sport LTD Weight Loss Kit

Buying each bottle separate would cost you $160!  When the package them together, the offer the generous discounted price of $149.99 and even less if you are a GNC member.

Royal Sport LTD Weight Loss Kit Ingredients

This combination does a good job in providing a bump in metabolism and enhancing your mood.  Our biggest concern is the emphasis on the having the primary ingredients being without strong clinical support.  It seems like they took the list of trending supplement searches from google and just put them all into this formulation.

The absence of any thyroid support is also to be noted.  While they do include ingredients that are known to activate fat cells, they don’t address the underlying reason of why the body is not activating those fat cells itself.

Royal Sport LTD Weight Loss Kit Effectiveness

No doubt that this supplement will help in your weight loss efforts.  As with all supplements it benefits are only going to be realized when used with a good exercise program and solid nutrition habits.

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