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We believe and know that great supplements do not have to come at an outrageous price.  What you want is to feel the benefits of the supplements you take.  You don’t need fancy packaging, you don’t need to buy them from a high end store.

Effective Ingredients

What you need are effective ingredients, at effective dosages, delivered in a way that your body can absorb and use them.  This is what Generic Supplements provides in all of our products.

Clear Labeling, No Hidden Amounts

By reading any of our labels you know exactly how much of each ingredient is in each serving.  We do not hide what we are doing behind a “matrix” or “proprietary blend.”  These tactics are just a way of making the ingredients seem more special then they really are, a marketing ploy.

Where We Cut Costs

We cut the cost marketing by only selling direct to the consumer on-line. We cut the cost of packaging by keeping it simple yet safe for the product. We only manufacture in NSF certified and FDA inspected facilities. We only use ingredients that have shown success, we don’t add things in for no benefit.

We Don’t Make Every Supplement

While we are always searching for supplement categories where we can provide a clear value, we will never make every supplement.  There are several categories that we either do not provide a clear benefit to the consumer or their are already great providers at a reasonable cost.


I just ordered my third of the Triple-Fat-Attack!  It is phenomenal!  I love it!

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I lost 12 pounds in my first 3 weeks!  Love my TFA!

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I was skeptical when I first ordered, but I just ordered my second set to continue down my weight loss journey.

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I’m so happy I found the Triple-Fat-Attack.  I have been using more expensive brands and now I am saving so much money!

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Support Energy - Stop Feeling run-down and tired all the time

Support All Day Metabolism - Burn calories 24 hours a day

Help Reduce Stress - High Stress = High Cortisol

Improve Mood - Better Mood = Better Discipline

Support Thyroid - Thyroid Controls Metabolism Hormones