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Besides getting hangry, skipping a meal or two can have some pretty strong effects on the body. 

As explained in the Asap Science video above, you wouldn’t feel much until six hours in, when that hanger begins to hit. Once this happens, your body enters ketosis, where it breaks down fat for energy. As a result, your brain flips a switch and finds fuel wherever it can, but it’s never able to get the full amount required to function at 100 percent.

After 72 hours of eating nothing, your mood and energy will be dangerously low, and your brain will break down your body’s protein for glucose. From there, it gets pretty scary. Learn more in the video above.

Women Are Key To Ending Hunger

Women Are Key To Ending Hunger



Abouthalf of all farmers are womenwho produce more than half the worlds food, according toWorld Watch.Yet, theyre often deprived of such basic rights as land ownership, which keeps them from producing to their full potential. If this gender gap were closed, anywhere from 100 to 150 million fewer people would go hungry, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. concluded in a report released in 2011.This photo shows a woman and boy farming in Ecuador.

WFP/Chris Terry supported by the EU

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